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We understand that creating great digital utility is as much about getting the interface right as the ‘design’. That’s why user experience is at the heart of our development process. Our apps and tools allow your clients and their customers to derive real value.

Meet Adam Cousins

Experienced developer, Adam Cousins has produced numerous apps and tools for Furnace, including an iPhone app for the launch of Honda’s new CR-Z.

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  • Snickers Mr T Widget


    Snickers tasked AMV with recruiting brand advocates across social networks to make the Snickers TV campaign come alive. We worked closely with them to develop a fun widget that let people model themselves on Mr. T.

    This could then be added to Bebo, Facebook or MySpace. With just one click, users can decorate a photo of themselves (or their friends) with Mr. T’s hair, gold bling and camouflage clothes.

  • Honda CR-Z iPhone App


    Honda wanted an iPhone app that highlighted the CR-Z's three driving modes in a fun and engaging way. We helped them develop an application that enables users to take photos and turn them into a personalised and unique piece of urban art.

    Three prominent illustrators and artists developed a bank of designs in three styles: one for each of the CR-Z driving modes. Users can take a photo, choose their ‘mode’ and the app delivers a fun piece of art to share.

  • EA Games: ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ Facebook App


    EA wanted an engaging and imaginative application that encouraged sharing and sparks people’s interest in the Harry Potter game. We helped them build a Facebook application which incorporated three Quidditch-style games.

    After playing each game, fans unlock a downloadable screensaver and are given one of seven ‘badges of honour’ to post on their social network or site, encouraging friendly rivalry with their peers.